Packed Lunches - Leehurst Swan School

The Café on the Park will provide three sizes of packed lunch

Mini Midi Maxi
Pre-prep years Reception, Y1 and Y2 Prep years Y3 to Y6 Senior years Y7 to Y11
Half Sandwich Full Sandwich
Fruit and/or vegetable, Savoury item & Dessert
£2.50 per day £3.00 per day £3.50 per day
Drink (optional +£0.50) Drink (optional +£0.50) Drink (optional +£0.50)

There will be a split between white and wholemeal breads with a good selection of fillings. Fruit will be traditional or tropical, vegetables will be seasonal, savouries will include cheeses, fromage frais and yoghurts, snacks will be a variety of cakes, small chocolate bars and biscuits. Drinks will be fruit cartons for orange/apple juice, ribena or water.

Each lunch will be supplied in bio-degradable paper bags, and will be identified with the pupil’s name and form number. A serviette will also be supplied as will disposable cutlery when necessary.